Canine Company


The Canine Company offers a wide range of invisible fencing for your Pet. They provide an outdoor option for peace of mind while you’re dog is outside, reassuring pet-owners that their dog will be kept safe while playing outside. In addition to keeping your dog safe, they offer many products right on their site for continued security.

Additionally, the company also provides Indoor protection for your pet as well. They provide protection to be able to train and keep your dogs off furniture and other areas of the house while the pet-owner is away from the house.

The company also provides additional services that a pet-owner may want for their furry friend as well. Such services include: Manners Training, Mobile Spa, Pet Sitting, and a Pet Shop. The company has a fully trained staff to be able to help the owner with their pet at any age stage. Grooming is an essential part of taking care of an animal and for their health. The Canine Company provides this service to help be able to take care of your pet needs to keep them pristine and clean. There is nothing better than a clean, well-groomed dog.

Pet Sitting is also another great service that the company offers. For those days that the owner can’t be home at a certain time-frame, the pet-sitter will come over and take care of the pet for added comfort. The company prides themselves knowing that each pet is treated just like family.

For any pet lover, the company has a Pet Shop that you can look at and buy merchandise. From Invisible Fencing to Toys and Collars, you’ll be amazed at what you can find to please and keep your dog safe or even your friend’s dog safe. With added discounts the company has to offer, buying for your pet has never been easier.

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